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Why should I buy the Traveler?

You can place your favorite razor in the custom designed sheath for easy travel, storage and protection.Use the plethora of pockets to store smaller items like cartridges, lip balm, toothbrush, comb, and all your other smaller essentials for expert o

What is the Traveler made of?

Durable Waxed Canvas MaterialParacord Zipper GrabPowerful Magnet ClosureWater-Resistant Interior LiningNylon GripDouble zippers

Can I buy the Traveler from a store / do you sell direct?

Only available at Dollar Shave Club. You can order it here.

Help! I spilled something in my Traveler!

Never fear. Just wash it out by hand. Leave it out to air dry for a few hours.

How do I clean / care for my Traveler?

Wipe clean with a lint free, damp cloth. To spot clean, use a damp, lint free cloth and a mild soap.

What is the size of the Traveler?

L 22.9 cm  x H 12.7 cm x W 10.8 cm. Don’t worry, it’ll fit everything you need.

How much does the Traveler weigh?

300 grams.