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Membership Settings


What if I don't need an upcoming shipment?

No problem! You can change the ship date for your next subscription box.

Where are my membership settings?

Your Membership Settings will appear towards the bottom of your Account page as soon as your first order ships. This link allows you to update your Subscription frequency, change your Ship Date, or cancel your Membership. If you need to cancel before

How do I switch razors?

You can switch razors anytime here. Keep in mind you'll need to be logged into your account first.

How do I cancel my account?

Please let us know if you are experiencing issues, and we'll do our best to help you out. Don’t see the Membership Settings page? Make sure you’re logged in with the email you used to sign up!

What if I run out of something before my subscription box ships?

You can place an On Demand order by selecting "Buy Now" when selecting products, or you can have your Subscription Box ship sooner by changing your Ship Date.

I can't login to my account

Sorry about that. We've updated our Website. If your account was created before October 2023, please reset your password to activate your account on the new site.