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Which handle is compatible with my blades?

Some of our blades have unique razor systems and are only compatible with certain handles. Each product page in our shop displays a list of compatible products, but here's an additional breakdown of which handles will work with your blades. PLEASE NO

How do I buy extra blades?

You can purchase extra packs of blades anytime from your Blade page.

How do I buy extra handles?

You can purchase extra handles and blades anytime from the blades and handles section of our shop after you start your subscription.

What’s the best razor for me?

Everyone’s shaving needs are different. Contact us to compare our razors and find the perfect one for you.

What are the ingredients in your lubricating strips?

New razors:. Classic razors:

What do you recommend for thick facial hair?

Try our Club Series 4 blade razor  and Shave Butter. 4X blades are set wider apart and have an open back, which makes for easy rinsing. Our Easy Shave Butter helps soften hair, rinses easily, and fight razor bumps.

What do you recommend for head shavers?

Dollar Shave Club razors are specifically designed to cruise through facial hair. If you plan to shave your head, be careful up there: go slow, be gentle, use a mirror, rinse blades and reapply shave gel often.

How many blades will I receive per month?

The Humble Twin: 5 replacement cartridges per boxThe 4X: 4 replacement cartridges per boxThe Executive: 4 replacement cartridges per box

Do your blades fit other brand handles?

While our Dollar Shave Club brand 4X and Executive handles are interchangeable, our blades do not fit other brands handles. Need help purchasing a handle? Contact a Club Pro.

Do you offer any shaving products besides blades?

We sure do! Check out the Shave section of our shop.

I need a new handle

You can order as many handles as you need from the blades and handles section of our shop. It never hurts to have a backup or one for the road.

Can I receive fewer blades per month?

Yes, you can switch to our Every Other Month shipping frequency from the top of your My Subscriptions page. You will only be billed on the months you receive a box.

Do you sell safety razors?

We don‘t currently have plans to offer a safety razor, but give one of our three razors a shot. If you feel like they aren‘t meeting or beating your blade standards, we'll give you your money back.

Do any of the blades have a trimmer?

Yep! Our Club Series 6 blade razor has a trimmer blade on the back.

How many shaves will I get from one cartridge?

Everyone's shaving needs are different. We believe in a Fresh Blade Shave, so we recommend changing your blade weekly. By the time you're on your last blade, your next set should be on its way to you.